Ulu Legong Hot Spring Recreation Centre

Air panas Ulu Legong

"Popular destination in the north of the Malaysian Peninsular "

Visitors will be able to experience firsthand the relaxing and calming nature of a natural hot spring, surrounded by mountains. This centre also offers a challenging path for jungle trekking through Lata Gating and Lata Parit, and stunning scenery to boot, that will mentally and physically challenge any individual.

The centre is a 24 hour operation equipped with its own accommodation. This is in line with the tourism ministry's objective to increase the tourist influx into Malaysia.

Whether a nice accommodation or challenging activity is desired, this recreational center caters to all needs.

Other nearby tourist spots:

  • Lata bayu waterfall, Asam Jawa
  • Lata Bukit Hijau waterfall
  • Celak waterfall, Iboi village
  • Limestone cave
  • Baling mountain
  • Beautiful scenery of Inas mountain

For further information please email
Ulu Legong Hot Spring Recreation Centre
09100 BALING