Assalamualaikum W.B.T. and greetings.

Welcome to the Baling District Council Website.

The Baling District Council is a Local Authority that provides services to customers and bears responsibility to transform the Baling District into becoming a progressive Growth Centre which has a clean, beautiful, prosperous and structured surrounding area.

Currently, information is the most vital source for us in making plans and decisions as well as in devising any missions. Now, the website is a media for us to interact in obtaining this information.

This year, MDB has successfully executed various public programmes and projects in order to provide better community services. This is in accordance with the visions and missions of MDB that are deemed appropriate with the economic policies and development of the government.

The commitment of MDB in undertaking government policies is very high. This is evident within the participation of various programmes by the federal and state government from various sectors whether from the aspects of economic development, tourism, environment, culture, security and others.

In addition, the Baling District Council is  achieving 5 star-rating from the Ministry of Housing and Local Government.  Indeed, this recognition is to certify the strength and commitment as well as the good values possessed by MDB in the coming future.

Hopefully, such conferment will furthermore give added motivation and strength to the entire workforce and society in general.

Last but not least, let us together persevere towards striving excellence and cooperation among one another besides giving the best towards the success and prosperity of MDB, Insha'Allah.

Thank you

(Tuan Haji Mohd Shahadan Bin Abdullah, AMK.,BCK.)

Baling District Council