• If using commercial plastic (not standard trash bags) please ensure that it is properly secured
• Don’t used plastic bags that have holes in them
• Double or triple bag if the trash bags are too thin

Using plastic bags

• Is the best way to collect and dispose of house trash
• Guarantees the cleanliness of the environment
• Avoids unpleasant odor, insects and rodents.
  Increases the collection time and reduces cost.


Minor law 3(1), trash collection minor law, disposal of trash (MDB) 1994 where every resident is responsible of providing a bin with a cover no less than .085 m3 in terms of volume

Trash collection

i. Collection from house to house; 3 times a week
ii. Collection from compacters: every day
iii.Lorry containers: every day

Trash disposal

Disposal sites are: Pulai: for MDB’s use only


Collection schedule